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Herb After Dark Menu

Served Wednesday and Thursday 5pm - 8pm and Friday and Saturday evenings 5pm - 9pm

Please let our staff know of any allergies / intolerances before ordering and we can provide information. Even if you have had the dish before, please inform the staff as recipes  change. Everything is 100% plant based and we can do 90% of the menu GF on request.

Cheesy black bean quesadillas - £7.25

Smashed black beans, with cumin, smoked paprika, lime, spring onions and melted cheese; dry fried in a soft tortilla wrap, drizzled in spicy mayo and toasted seeds served with our own design, peasmash guacamole

Calamari Oyster Shrooms - £6.25

Delicious blue/grey oyster mushrooms, lightly fried in a tempura batter served with sweet chilli, “fish” sauce and lime. We have teamed up with Wyreside Mushrooms who are a local based business and we are really excited to incorporate them into our menu, side note we have limited stock each week, so once they are gone, they are gone.

Corn Fritter £6.95

Crispy and savoury, with just a hint of sweet, our Corn Fritter Recipe are served with a spicy Harissa Yogurt sauce and a green chilli salsa. Devine!

Have you tried our “Buns Hun?” - £7.25

Fluffy Bao Buns stuffed with crispy tofu, kimchi, sriracha mayonnaise, teriyaki, salad, pickled red cabbage, sesame seeds and spring onions.

Firecracker Cauliflower Wings - £6.75

Drizzled with firecracker buffalo sauce & a side of herb’s own mayo

Hummus Pesto Pot -  £6.50 

Homemade basil & mixed nut pesto drizzled over our infamous Hummus, served with hot bread to wipe out every last drop

Bread and Olives - £6.50 

Ciabatta, baked in the oven til warm, served with The Herb, garlic and rosemary marinated olives

Pâté and Toast - £7.25

This faux Gras style Pâté is shockingly good, beetroot, walnuts, mushrooms, mixed herbs and lentils whizzed together to make a smooth Pâté served with toasted sourdough and parsley butter.


Hassle back butternut £14.50

Slow roasted leeks, red onion, fennel seeds, garlic, sage and rosemary, hassle back butternut, crumbled feta and toasted cashew, almonds and hazelnut crunch, finished with dried apricots. Served with a fresh rice salsa salad, hummus and drizzled with maple mustard.

Mac & Cheese £14.25

Tender macaroni pasta smothered in a rich and creamy cheeZe sauce. Topped with a golden breadcrumb crust, this indulgent classic is baked to perfection, the ultimate cold night comfort food. Jazz it up with either mushrooms £2 // Bacon or Chicken for £3.50 //

Chish and Fips anyone? - £15.75

Tofu battered fingers, served with crispy chips, a tartar sauce and hot mushy peas. If you are feeling like a change from tradition, why not try our Bhaji batter, chef recommended.

Greek Spanakopita - £15.50

This authentic Greek pie is a delicious mix of spinach, dill, parsley, onions and “feta” layered within crispy, flaky phyllo filo served with a huge Mediterranean salad.

Special Fried Rice - £13.95

A tantalising blend of fresh vegetables, buttery scramble tofu, and fragrant jasmine rice stir-fried to perfection. This colourful and nutritious dish is bursting with vibrant flavours and textures. Served alongside three crispy spring rolls and a side of sweet chilli dipping sauce

CHICK-FREE burger- £14.25 

Introducing our Beyond Meat Chicken Burger: crispy patty, mayo, tomatoes, salad, in a brioche bun. Served with our chips and  maple mustard side salad. Add fiery flair with Reds Hot Sauce if you want to spice it up. Add Coleslaw or Cheese £1 // Add Bacon £3.50

Katsu breaded Chick’n £15.75 

This Japanese-inspired dish of crunchy chick’n strips drizzled with a rich, warmly spiced Katsu sauce. Served with sticky jasmine rice and a lime red cabbage side salad.

Black Pepper Cauliflower - £14.75

 Is our new favourite! A plant based spin on black pepper chicken. Battered sticky cauliflower wings, in a sweet and spicy sauce served with tofu fried rice, using our delicious scrambled tofu, topped with spring onions and sesame.

The Herb Classic - £14.25

A delicious charred Beyond Meat patty, sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup and American mustard in our soft, brioche buns. Classic for a reason! All served with chunky chips and a maple mustard mixed side salad
Add Coleslaw or Cheese £1 // Add Bacon £3.50

Tandoori Chick'n Wrap - £14.75 

Chick’n pieces, marinated in classic South Asian spices and yoghurt, charred, and piled high on a bed of salad, and a soft flour tortilla, topped with mango chutney, and our minty raita. All served with a chunky chips.

The Buddha Bowl - £10

Sesame tofu, Pea smash, Edamame beans, Lime coleslaw Served with a fluffy rice mix - topped with seeds, spring onions, and a gluten free soya and ginger dressing.
Add SPRING ROLLS with sweet chilli £4.50

Loaded Nachos - £12.95

This was born out of our LOVE for our new Peasmash guacamole, it’s simply that delicious! Crunchy Nachos topped with Mexi beans, gooey cheese, Peasmash Gauc, spring onions, jalapeños, and a drizzle of our homemade sriracha mayo. Great for sharing, or a light meal! Change to load fries £3.50


Great for sharing or as big main meal

The Herb Mezze board - £17.50

Faux Gras style Pâté, Crunchy Apple, Soft Goats Cheese drizzled in maple mustard, Squeaky Bean Pastrami Ham, Mixed Olives, Ciabatta, and Mini Pickles.

The Sweet Tooth - £17.50

Hot Belgium Waffles, Chocolate Agave Dipping sauce, Lemon & Blueberry Cake Bites, Crunchy Apple, Retro Pick & Mix Sweets, Giant Vanilla Marshmallows, Toasted Almond Flakes


Large Chips £4 served with homemade mayo or ketchup
Coleslaw with lime £3.50
Side Salad - £3 - Maple Mustard dressing
TH!S Bacon rashers - £3
Gluten Free Bread alternative +50p ( on top of meal price)

Allergies / Intolerances 

We can proudly cater most of our menu to different dietary requirements. We do have allergens in our kitchen however we are confident that we can prepare you a safe meal. Please tell your server what your allergies are and we can work with you. Just to note even if you have had the dish before, please inform the staff as recipes change. // Thank you The Herb Team

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