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Brunch Menu

Served daily until 3:00pm

Please let our staff know of any allergies / intolerances before ordering and we can provide information. Even if you have had the dish before, please inform the staff as recipes  change. Everything is 100% plant based and we can do 90% of the menu GF on request.

The Herb Big Breakfast - £13 -

We’ve been told it’s the BEST vegan breakfast going…Two herby sausages, roasted potato and sweet potato hash, scorched courgette, topped with crunchy corn kernels, slow-cooked mixed mushrooms, slow-roasted tomatoes, spiced breakfast beans and our FAMOUS Pea Smash, maple mustard side salad. Served with The Herb’s home-made ketchup and a slice of toast. ADD-ON  TH!S BACON RASHERS - £3.50 // Tofu scramble £2

Berry all the way Pancake - £9 -

Topped with homemade berry compote, fresh fruit, toasted almond flakes, maple syrup, a light dusting of icing sugar and dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream! Simply Scrumptious!


The Classic Pancakes- £7.95

Lemon and sugar topped with sugared dehydrated lemon pieces. ADD-ON TH!S BACON RASHERS - £3.50 // ADD ICECREAM £2

Eggy big boy pancakes - £10.25 - 

American style pancakes topped with buttery scrambled tofu, TH!S bacon rashers, a sausage, and ketchup - The ultimate brunch food! ADD-ON slow cooked tomatoes or mushrooms for £2 

Cinnamon French Toast - £9.95-

Sprinkled with fresh berries, kiwi, cinnamon sugar and a drizzle of Maple syrup. Deliciously crunchy this beauty hits the spot. ADD-ON TH!S BACON RASHERS - £3.50 // Tofu scramble £2

Yog Bowl - £5.50 -

Creamy plant based yogurt topped with homemade nutty granola, chia seeds, toasted coconut, maple syrup and mixed berries

Our Boujee Yog Bowl - £6.50

All of the above but bigger & boujeer! Topped with summer berry compote, juicy peaches and toasted nuts & seed to boot.

Italian Eggs - £8.95

A rich, garlicky, slow cooked smooth passata, generously topped with our seriously eggy tofu scramble, crumbled “soft white cheese”, partisan & Italian herbs, served with hot, buttered sourdough toast for dunking.

Breakfast Burrito - £8.95 - 

 A soft flour tortilla stuffed full with scrambled tofu, spicy mixed beans, a dollop of pea smash & cheese*; served with homemade salsa and corn crisps ADD A SAUSAGE FOR £1.50 // ADD A MINI LOADED NACHOS £4.25 tortilla, mexi beans, cheese & our special peasmash guac.


Mexican Salad Bowl - £9.95

Smokey mixed beans, crispy tortilla chips, jammy roast tomatoes, crumbled white “cheese", spring onions, jalapeños, pea smash, and a drizzle of our homemade sriracha mayo, served on a base of rice & mixed salad leaves. Brought back due to hounding from our regulars!

Herb Buddha Bowl - £9.95 

Rice base, mixed salad, dressed in a garlic, soya sauce and ginger dressing, topped with sesame tofu, crunchy julienne carrots, red cabbage slaw, edamame beans, toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds and a dollop of pea smash. Maple Mustard & Sriracha Mayo to finish

Protein Poke Bowl - £9.95

In a modern European twist on the classic poke bowl, we have chickpea mayo, mixed rice with maple mustard, beetroot, crunchy julienne carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, mixed salad leaves with Balsamic glaze, topped with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds


Avo on toast - £8.95 -

Smashed avocado, seasoned with salt, pepper & lemon. Topped with chopped tomatoes, chilli flakes and fresh lemon.
cooked Mushrooms for £2 // Add a small soup for £3.50 

Do You Have Mushroom? - £8.95 -

If you have an appetite for tasty, this is the one for you! Our slow-cooked herby mixed mushrooms, laced with a touch of truffle oil, piled high on toasted sourdough with toasted seeds on top!

Add slow cooked tomatoes for £2 // Add a small soup for £3.50

Hummus Addict - £8.25 -

Homemade hummus served on two slices of toasted sourdough topped with toasted seeds. What more could you want…

Add-on slow cooked Mushrooms or tomatoes for £2 // a small soup for £3.50

Not Avo on Toast - £8.25 - 

Smashed peas on two slices of toasted sourdough with basil sauce and toasted seeds sprinkled on top. 

ADD-ON slow cooked Mushrooms or tomatoes for £2 // Add a small soup for £3.50

Huevos a la Mexicana ( Eggs Mexican ) - £9.50

Mexican-style spicy beans, scrambled tofu on sourdough toast, topped roasted cherry tomatoes, spring onions, and jalapeños, drizzled in Reds hot chilli sauce. 

Add-on slow cooked Mushrooms or tomatoes for £2 // Add CHEESE for £2


All served with homemade salsa and crisps, optional complimentary salad with maple mustard dressing please ask at the till when ordering. 

Chickpea Mayo Wrap - £8.95

Creamy chickpea mayo, w/crunchy red canbbage, carrots, salad altogether in a soft floury tortilla wrap. ADD-ON a small soup for £3.50

The Club - £10-

Fried Chick’n Strips TH!S bacon, mayo, slow roasted tomatoes, pea smash, salad, layered between 3 slices of toasted Sourdough topped with a pickle. Add-on a small soup for £3.50 // new yorker style w/dill Cream cheese 50p

The Mushroom Melt - £8.95

Our slow-cooked wild mushrooms, bound in our homemade herby pesto, crowned with Applewood slices and melted to within an inch of its life, in a taste ciabatta bun. It’s ooey and gooey and ready for the taking! ADD SMALL SOUP £3

The New Yorker Bagel - £8.95

A classic with a plant based twist; beetroot, tangy pickles, dill cream cheese, smoked applewood slice, and a touch of American mustard, giving you the sharp and the sweet we all know from The Katz Deli staple. Add-on a small soup for £3.50

The “Tuna” Melt - £8.95 

Chickpea mix w/nori sandwiched between melted applewood ‘cheeze’, pressed in an artisan ciabatta bun. ADD-ON a small soup for £3.50

The Herb Classic Burger & Chips - £13.50

A delicious charred Beyond Meat patty, topped with sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, ketchup and American mustard in a brioche bun. Classic for a reason! Served with maple mustard salad and chips Add CHEESE £1




Chips £4.50 // 1/2 Chips £3.50 - served with homemade mayo or ketchup

Coleslaw with lime £4 // Two Vegan Sausage £4 // 

Mixed Olives £3.50 // Hummus pot // Peasmash pot - £4 each

Two slices of Toast - £3.50 - 75p - for Jam, Marmalade, Peanut Butter,

Side Salad - £4.75 - Maple Mustard dressing 

Gluten Free Bread alternative +50p ( on top of meal price)

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